Ayra converts scanner data into 3D models, finite element meshes or rapid prototyping data (STL) within minutes and allow you to simulate surgical procedures.

1. Importing
Ayra imports 2D images in DICOM 3.0 format obtained by CT, MRI or PET. The import software: Provides direct access to the images. Converts the images to a format used by Ayra. Stores all information necessary for further processing.


2. Display
Ayra shows the image information in different ways, each providing unique information. Ayra divides the screen into three views: DICOM Images 2D Workspace 3D Workspace

3. Reconstrucción 3D
Calculate the 3D model
Ayra has a friendly interface segmentation of 3D models of the regions of interest, information on heights, widths, volumes, surfaces, etc.. each of the volumes built. .

View the 3D model
Ayra can display the 3D model visualization capabilities include real-time rotation, zoom, slides, etc.. .

Advanced Interpretation
The possibility of using "rending" advanced hardware acceleration with OpenGL interpretation enables advanced 3D rendering gives the geometries generated. By using the functions implemented is possible to navigate inside the virtual bioprototipos or see such as STL geometry interacts with the images.

The print functionality allows you to capture 3D and 2D display and export the images to files in JPEG and PNG format in 1:1 scale.
Ayra can be used to create movies of the work using the video capture tool in different formats

reconstruccion 3d

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