How Ayra works

7. Rapid Prototyping
Ayra exports geometries to virtually any rapid prototyping system, enabling the printing of three-dimensional structures in 1:1 format An accurate and rapid transfer of its segmentation directly to the RP machine By working with medical images in 3.0 format. Ayra produces high-precision three-dimensional reconstructions in formats compatible with RP printers (SLI, SLC for 3D Systems, EOS CLI). The interpolation algorithms ensure high quality virtual reproductions of surfaces and volumes. Color
RP allows the introduction of colored stereolithographic reconstructions, adding an extra dimension to the accuracy of the results. Calculation parameters
Ayra allows to select the number of images for reconstructions, therefore it allow defining the accuracy and the characteristics of the geometries obtained by RP.


8. Simulation
Ayra is a platform for surgical simulations. You can perform a detailed analysis of his patients, plan or simulate osteotomies and distractions and explain the surgical procedure to implant selected from the library of implants for patients. Analysis and Planning
Anthropometric analysis to select points of interest, boarding planes or perform linear measurements or contour. Knowledge Manager
Ayra lets you select from the library of cases similar patients, introducing proven solutions in other patients. Simulation Tools
Ayra contains a powerful set of 3D tools to simulate any type of surgery. Using section planes oriented in any direction in space, by seed or by dissection growing user-driven. This operation divides the selected objects related parts and generates a new 3D geometry for each of the parties. This feature allows you to connect the selected objects in a single geometry. With this function you can create symmetrical objects oriented along any plane of space in our virtual biomodel. This feature makes it easy to introduce in our virtual scene geometry predefined by the user, along with those of implants commonly used in clinical practice. Any virtual object can be moved or rotated. For each of the manipulations the position can be adjusted by the user.


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