4. Records

There are three diferent methods.

Image Registration
It combines information from two or more data sources such as CT and MRI in the same patient, or pre and post, or even different patients.

Register STL
Through this registration form Ayra shown in the virtual stage the best possible location of a geometry imported from the library of implants.

Spot Registration
Ayra allows quick and easy to move an imported geometry of an implant for instance, and place it in a virtual spatial position to point out specific benchmarks in both the STL geometry as in the 3D view.

5. Measurement
Point to Point
With Ayra you can make point to point in both sections 2D and 3D reconstructions.

profile lines and gray scale
The profiles show the intensity values ​​of gray scale along a line defined by the user. Thus, TAC specialists by different methods can make accurate measurements of the gray scale of certain areas. .

Density measurements
Ayra density measurements performed in rectangular or elliptical areas: areas, middle value of gray scale and standard deviation. All measurements are stored in her project for later analysis. .


medición 2d

6. 3D Navigation
Ayra allow the selection of specific areas of the virtual biomodels, the definition of sections that show the profile or the diagnostic image reconstructed from DICOM information.


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